Thank you for visiting my blog!  As the Head of a school serving a unique population of learners, I am pleased to have a space to offer opinions, feedback and reflections on language-based learning differences and the field of education.  While many of my thoughts may directly relate to what goes on within the walls of Lawrence School, I hope many of my topics can be appreciated by a wider audience.

I welcome you to this space and hope you will join me in fulfilling the Lawrence School mission to teach students who have distinct learning styles, ignite their potential, and inspire academic and social success.


About lsalza

Headmaster of Lawrence School serving children with learning differences in grades K-12; "Where differences are not disabilities and where great minds don't think alike."
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4 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Faye Tiger Conquest says:

    Dear Lou: Hope this note finds its way to you. I have written before, but I am not sure you received my email. hope all is well with you and Dell.

    things here are good – for both Gaylord and myself – I would like to share some ideas from my school – Renaissance Academy – a K-12 charter school in suburban Philly.

    Write when you can,
    Best, Faye

  2. Anne Godhard says:

    I was telling someone about Lawrence School, as I always do whenever the opportunity comes up, and in referring them to your website I noticed your blog.

    Just wanted to share that my son, Brian, attended Lawrence School for 6 years. He is now 27 years old and continues to excel in what ever he chooses to do. I never let it be left unsaid how thankful we are for Brian’s experience at Lawrence School. Phenomenal teachers, like Mrs. Callahan and others, who educated Brian about his learning disabilities while building his confidence level all along the way. Brian is his own best advocate!

    I am thankful every day that Brian attended Lawrence School. Keep up all the wonderful work you do.

    Anne Godhard

  3. Lou Salza says:

    Thank you for getting back in touch with us! Great to hear the good news about your son–we collecting email addrsses so that alumni can get in touch with one another and eventually have an association here especially as we grow in numbers at the upper school. Please stay in touch!
    Kind regards,

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